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Hello and welcome to T&K Performance , We are a Authorized Independent AMSOIL Dealership in Gilmer Texas . We offer The First in Synthetics ... AMSOIL .And now we offer Windbooster Throttle controller.

 I hope you find everything you are looking for in our pages if not give us an e-mail or call us and we will get back with you .

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we are open everyday !!!!

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Located in
Gilmer , Texas 75644

About Us


T&K Performance is a Family run and owned Independent AMSOIL Dealership Run by 

Travis & Katrina Floyd . We are located in 

Gilmer Texas . 

 Travis has worked  in automotives since 

2004 working for Ford , Kia , Nissian , GM and 

has spent a few years working on and building 

hotrods . He went to school at Northeast 

Texas Commuinty College and was a student in 

Carroll Shelby Automotive program and also 

was in an Alternative fuels program where he learnd about bio fules and Hybrid cars . 

Along with this Travis is also an Eagle scout and a member of SEMA SAN & YEN .

 Katrina and Travis Live in Gilmer with ther 4 kids and look forward to helping you make the move to AMSOIL. 

A few Things we offer 


- Wind Booster

​- Synthetic Oil

- Sythetic Racing Oil

- Sythetic Motorcycle Oil 

- 2-Cycle Oil & 4-Stroke Oil

- Gear Lubricants

- Hydraulic Oil

- Fuel Additives

- Grease

- Steering/Suspensions Fluid

- Oil Filters/Air Filters


- Aggrand

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